Pilates is very well-known as a 'winner' in improving muscle tone, creating correct posture, and increasing confidence and self esteem. Aside from all of that, Pilates is also a fantastic tool for rehabilitating an injury.

Many health problems have been helped with Pilates training, amongst them are scatica, arthtritis, scoliosis, prolapsed discs, back pain, hip problems, knee & joint probles, rehabilitation after surgery

All ages from young children to older people, and both women and men, can be benefited from Pilates. Through pilates, children & teenagers can learn how to develop & maintain a healthy body posture since young, women can reduce the common problems such as back pain, vertigo and fatigue, while men can also enhance their sports performance through specifically modified Pilates exercises.


With exclusive training in the world-renowned Pilates institutions of Stott Pilates. Fletcher Pilates, Balanced Body and Polestar Pilates, our highly-qualified instructors will design tailored programs with exercises modified to address your individual body needs.

Specific tailor-made programs will be customized to pinpoint on your problem areas, and suitable exercises ara taught to help you improve & achieve your ideal healthy posture.

Under our instructors private guidance, you will learn to enhance your body awareness that will help you understand your physical self better and to improve how you move through daily life